Dear Greens,

At first we would like to extend our thanks to all the APGN members for the great cooperation and highly positive consideration.

We would also like to Congratulate to the new APYGN delegates.

We have not got the confirmation from some of the parties. So we would like to request to nominate a young green delegate from your party ASAP.


APYGN is a common platform for the youths where there is lots of opportunity to learn and develop their network with the youths from other countries. Youths can learn together about the Principles and Practices of Green Politics.

There are many opportunity for youths to do for APYGN. Basically one can give their inputs regarding how APYGN can help to learn and inspire young minds to join the green politics.

Moreover, the youth leaders from APYGN need to work together to make APYGN stronger for which they needs to design and organize different campaigns and discuss through online meetings, Skype conference etc.
Similarly, they can help to prepare for the newsletter which helps to explore the vision of APYGN. Organizingdifferent activities, Advocating for youth and Green issues, generating new agenda and sharing their idea/experience might be some of the interesting things.

Also, they can learn and practice the leadership with learning by doing process.

In this way youth delegates can help to inspire lots of youth to join Green Politics in their countries and make the voice of youth strong enough for Green and peaceful world.

Good luck!


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